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Requirement Definition Services

Web Application / Software Consulting:
This service is required because it is not easy   to exactly convert ideas, thoughts,  management systems  and usability for end users  into applications.  The success of any Application implementation strongly depends on how precisely the target Application requirements are defined. Requirement definition is particularly important where project completion within an allocated timeframe and budget is critical.

Stay within your project timeframe and budget
Bharti SoftLand consultants have extensive experience in providing our customers with professional project requirement-definition services.

We address all aspects of the customer's future solution when offering our help in developing solution requirement specifications. This includes, but not limited to, the customer's IT environment, requirements for future software upgrades, performance and scalability, hardware compatibility if required, and usability for end users. In the end, the customer receives a thorough project documentation package, eliminating typical offshore development risks.

Project documentation gives the customer full control over the project duration and budget:
Clear project scope
Effective control over project flow
Complete project flow transparency
Predictable deliverables at each project phase
Control over project budget - day by day, phase by phase
Project risk reduction

You can summarize it as :
Complete project requirement specifications
Timeline Graph/ budget/ deliverables by phase
Risk description and risk mitigation strategies.

The Project documentation package ensures the customer receives the exact required functionality - no more, no less. The customer doesn't pay for developing redundant features, yet has the guarantee that all required functionality is covered.

Project documentation ensures a customer has full control over the project timeframe, so a project will be delivered strictly on time and within the allocated budget.

How it works
Bharti SoftLand experts have proven experience in specifying project requirements off-site. Once a customer approaches us with the need to define project requirements, we assign a dedicated expert, or group of experts, to work on the customer's project.

In many cases, Bharti SoftLand consultants start working with only a general project idea, and finish by converting it to a complete package of project specifications: system scope, major functionality, nonfunctional requirements, and even software architecture.

Bharti SoftLand engineers take a proactive role in working with our customers' business requirements. We offer multiple development scenarios. Our final goal is to work out a development scenario that brings the customer the highest value in terms of functionality gained and budget spent.

If you need to define software requirements for your project, contact Bharti SoftLand. We do right the first time - professionally and within your timeframe and budget.

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