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Management Control and Knowledge Management

Effective Management and Control are crucial for good results. Clearly and carefully defined requirements and best processes cannot yield results up to their potential until they are managed in an appropriate manner.

The easiest part of Project Management for a Project Leader is to draw out a Gantt or PERT chart, often used to schedule, organize and coordinate tasks within a project. It is the implementation of these charts later that defines success or failure of a project. Our Project Management Methodology has six major phases:
  • Through Planning: It involves defining complete requirements and formulating strategies to deliver a product that meets all of them on time
  • Project Activation: Implementing the charts and assigning tasks to experts according to the project plan
  • Continuous Monitoring and Control: Ongoing assessment and evaluation of the quality and progress of the program, allowing enough lead-time to test the product before delivery
  • Planned Delivery: Delivering the product to the clients as planned, latest by the committed dates
  • Deployment: We offer full support in successfully deploying the program on-site for a client
  • Project Conclusion: Ready to extend any support, training or help that customer asks for, we are always in touch with our customers.
Our strength lies in the fact that we re-estimate, re-plan and track the progress of a project throughout its life cycle. This makes it possible for us to make timely changes and adjustments to the project such as adding new features, introducing new platform, making risk assessment, and integrating latest technology.

Ongoing monitoring and assessment of project related risks at each step are crucial to avoid a catastrophe at the end. Active evaluation of project at each step helps us to predict situations and scenarios where project might not work as expected and we can beep early warning signs to steer clear of such conditions or make timely adjustments to overcome the underlying weaknesses of the project. Constant feedback of risks in the project allows our experts to set contingency plans in place that can be executed as soon as warnings occur to avoid any debacle. It also helps our clients to be aware of the risks throughout the project lifecycle and allow them to set risk thresholds that are acceptable for them

Peer Reviews:
With our unbeatable focus on quality, we have a developed a system that help us to remove above 90% of errors before executing even a single test case. Inspection of all software deliverables by various teams helps us to get some of the most insightful Peer Reviews and allows every single project to get full attention of experts from around the company.

Software Metrics:
In any software development process, Software Metrics or Measurement and Documentation of a project help us to acquire statistics and results that are essential for systematic improvement of project estimates and plan to track the process. Quantitative Management helps immensely in proper execution of a project. .

Quality Management:
Bharti Softland pays singular attention to its organizational processes. Our Quality Management Methodology comprises brainstorming and outlining complete requirements, Design and Code Reviews, Root Cause Analysis of Risks and Problems, Defect Profile Management, and Regular Software Inspections. With a dedicated Quality Assurance group for each and every project, we pay close attention to development of a process from its outset to completion and implement a number of defect prevention processes to make our products fool proof. Our testing processes are thorough, comprehensive and rigorous enough to detect and deal with any defects in the product early and efficiently

Continuous Improvement:
Innovation and Improvements are our passions. We love to learn and get better. We have already set up a number of feedback processes in place, such as quantitative analysis of a project, process inspections, project post-mortems, and customer surveys, and are exploring ways to enhance our services.

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