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CMS should leverage internet for business efficiencies.
Efficient Codes by using Framework like CAKE PHP
Content management to Business Management Migration.
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Mobile Friendly , Tablet Friendly System
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Making Website/Portal Effective

Google Maps features a map that can be navigated by dragging the mouse, or using the mouse wheel to zoom in (mouse wheel up) or out (mouse wheel down) to show detailed street information. You can integrate map for various purpose.

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As we are moving through the age of technology convergence . We can have mobile interface for the site yourwebsite.com  or you can also have yourwebsite.mobi  and there will be url redirect if there are requests from the mobile phones. Mobile websites are specifically designed for viewing on Mobile Devices such as Mobile Phones.  Until recently websites are meant to be seen in a computer that has a large screen for viewing, along with reasonable computational power & internet speed. But mobile phones in general have smaller screens & are far less powerful than a computer.

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Why XML interface is required ? XML stands for Extensible Mark-up Language and was created as a pure language that could present data in a uniform fashion. XML enables data content in a page to be extracted, manipulated and re-used by a variety of database systems. As a result it is increasingly becoming the language of choice for the exchange of information across the web and elsewhere because it offers far greater flexibility than HTML.

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