Creating Resilient and Smart Cities

I believe that city who use digital governance in collaboration with it’s citizen to become more intelligent, resilient and use resources more effectively to improve the quality of life with eco-efficient and re-naturalised system

On studying the top ten smart cities I believe that at the time of convergence of technologies we are drowning with options as never before to create fast responsive smart cities.

We can increase effectiveness in communication among citizens, citizen groups , segment specialists and Government to take innovative steps to increase Efficiency, Transparency, Accountability, Flexibility with Collaborative Approach using web and mobile technologies.

They’re no such one time solutions to make smart city. We can make city smarter day by day. Public information and public smartness is the key. We can encourage citizens to become smart city monitors by using mobile apps with GPS. Person can easily track the problem, take picture, put the problem in specific category and submit to the situation room of the Govt.. Government can respond to it by putting action team for the work and action team can use smart apps to update the situation, problem and work done status. This improves the city resilient system.

Let’s do it together.

A Smart City

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