Our Structured, innovative and Unique process makes our clients Satisfied. We Work like your partner in Progress.
Tailor-made your CMS based website and Portals
Make it effective by focussing on Search Marketing friendly.
CMS should leverage internet for business efficiencies.
Efficient Codes by using Framework like CAKE PHP
Content management to Business Management Migration.
Touch Friendly Interface- Metro Style Design
Mobile Friendly , Tablet Friendly System
Quality Standards at ARBS
Effective Communication
On - Time Delivery
Complete Requirements
Optimal Solution Design
Professional GUI Designs
Reliable Security
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Advanced document Management System aDMS - 1.01
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Quality @ BSL

The quality of our services and delivered software solutions is always a top priority for Bharti Softland. Our focus on quality demands we meet our customer's business objectives over a long period of time.

To comply with our software quality standards we use methods established through a range of successful projects for both large and small companies. Our acquired intelligence is shared with the entire Bharti Softland  programming team.

Effective Communication
Our Project Leaders pay special attention to have Effective Communication with the clients they are working for. They make sure that they keep clients informed and updated about the progress of their software development work; pay focus to the messages that have been exchanged; comprehend and interpret the needs and requirements of a customer correctly; and respond to each customer concern actively.

On-Time Delivery
We do believe that on-time product delivery give us an unsurpassed competitive advantage in the market. Since we pay emphasis on timely delivery, all our segments concerned with the product streamline and align standard work schedule in such a manner that the product is ready exactly by the date committed to the customer.

Complete Requirements
Our developers create software that exactly matches your requirements. We help you to ensure that you specify complete requirements for the software you want that are consistent and unambiguous and that you receive the best possible solution from us. We judge completeness of software requirements on the basis of data, functional, interface and quality requirements as well as constraints as defined by our clients.

Optimal Solution Design
Bharti Softland developers offer optimal solutions that are tailor-made for our customers based on the detailed requirements we have received from them. Hence, we offer them highest return in terms of quality and excellence at the lowest possible price. Solutions offered by us are best amongst all the solutions feasible for a particular situation or scenario.

Professional GUI design
Graphic User Interface Designs or GUI designs we use are standardized, clean, user-friendly, professional and visually appealing. Our screen graphics and interfaces are almost intuitive and provide an efficient work experience. We pay special attention to consistency of control and workflow layouts, terminology, optimized navigation system and consistency of corporate style and brand identity throughout our products.

Reliable Security
In an increasingly inter-connected world, the possible attacks on your operating system and vulnerabilities of your existing software solutions can put you at a great disadvantage. The disclosure of classified information and undesired snooping into your data systems can result in loss of millions and billions of dollars. Bharti Soft land offers one of the best security consulting services that will make your software solution safe and foolproof.

Quality Programming Code
Bharti Softland provides unusual and carefully designed software solutions that involve master coders. We understand that programs and software source codes should be written in such a manner that they are easy to debug and update. We make sure that our program code is well tested and has proper comments, wherever needed, to make them more readable. We emphasize on speed, adaptability of our programming code for different architectures, and following language-specific conventions to produce high quality software products that not only fulfill their purpose but also are very easy to maintain, support and extend.

Expected Performance
Bharti Softland design solutions excel the expected performance and meet customer’s objectives in terms of system load and growth. It has been designed to efficiently handle expected system load at peak hours while maintaining a high application response rate at all times. The performance characteristics and limitations of our products is analyzed and tested on the basis of optimal system sizes of our clients.

Software Reliability and Maintainability
Developers at Bharti Softland make sure that software solutions we provide are easy to support, monitor, update and extend. We understand the problems of development and maintenance of software-systems well and continuously upgrade solutions to suit changes in software technology and user requirements. We also evaluate, assess and verify our solutions periodically to ensure that they meet all the specified reliability and maintainability requirements

Sufficient Documentation
Bharti Softland makes sure that all technical and user documentation accompanying a software solution is duly attached when the product is being delivered to the customer. We do not present documentation just for the heck of it. We handle documentations as a critical part of our software product solutions and make sure that they address all the needs and concerns of our customers, are easy to read and understand, and detail all the processes in an uncomplicated manner.

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